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Who authored the topics back in the days?

Looking around a little just now I quickly drew the conclusion that the forum apparently shows the author of any topic posted before you moved the forum, to be the first person who responded to it. This is a little weird, and I just thought I’d ask if you knew and just let it be or you might have thought of a way to fix it? Not that it really matters, but just for the sake of it…

I ran a query to update the topics. I didn’t verify them all, but all that I checked have been corrected.

Looks like all users are corrected correctly from my random sampling aswell… Except that all the topics where you have been the first to reply now shows the right author but still has the name in the same bold red letters as your name and vice versa… And the name still links to the profile of the user who posted the first reply…

Those links should be correct now.

Looks like it :slight_smile: now all I can see that’s left from this side effect of the move is that you name as author of the old posts is the same plain text as all other users…

That has been fixed too.

Well I guess that’s it then… Just stumbled upon it and thought you might like the forum to be the best possible… And damn you always come quick with soultions :smiley: