Which is the latest ver. of WWL

Hi Mike, I down loaded the latest ver. of WWL I don’t remember which it was maybe 7.020 or so. After doing the down load I lost all kinds of info on my WWL program. All programs associated with WWL was missing. So I decided to remove WWL from my computer completely and start from the begining.

I am looking for the latest version of WWL so I can do a clean install and I can’t find it anywhere on your site… Please help.
thanks, Ed.

The following link points to the latest version 7 build:

Hi again Mike, thanks for posting the link for the newest WWL.
I downloaded this link and installed same. I’m really getting down about this program! it loaded OK but there is just a blank screen when WW starts. I was able to select my stations and other items except Wall paper, there were no selections for that. I had to use task manager to close the blank WW window and it was blank again after a windows re-start. I never had these problems years ago and I know there are expected problems with new programs but I’m getting very annoyed. Don’t get me wrong Mike, it’s a great program and you answer all our problems which we all appreciate, I just wish I could get the program running correctly.
Thanks for all your help.

Was the Weather Watcher Live window completely white?

Please check if Weather Watcher Live logged any error messages. Here’s the easiest way to locate the log file:

  1. Go to the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

  2. Click the “Open Skin Location” button.

  3. Go up one folder level.

  4. Look for a file named “WeatherWatcherLive.log”

If you find a log, either email it to me or post the contents for messages logged today here.