where are previous versions to download?

this morning’s update 7.0.12 has issues for me and i don’t have time to work them out - where can i find 7.0.11 to reinstall to my last working version?
many thanks!

What kind of issues? You can downgrade using the link I emailed you.

thanks for such a speedy reply, mike. :icon_smile:
i couldn’t right-click on the tray icon to get an options menu - instead the program kept opening.
my custon tray icon click settings weren’t working.
the forecast icons changed from my preference and wouldn’t change back.

i have Win7, if that matters. I found a copy of 7.0.4 on my hard drive, uninstalled and reinstalled - now all’s back to how i like it. i deleted your emails from yesterday and this morning - when you have time, will you send me the one for 7.0.11 again?
mrs h

Did you double-check your tray icon click settings in the “Tray Icon” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window? The settings might have been lost when you installed the new version.

I’ll PM you the download links.

yes, i checked all my personal settings just in case but even though i set/reset those, they wouldn’t stay set.
thanks for your time, mike. i’ll be away for a week so i’ll check back when i return. :icon_smile:

I’m not aware of any issues with the Options saving. Let me know what you find when you return.