What is the Weather Auto Update default?

What is the Weather Auto Update default set to when you have it set at Update in realtime for a non-weatherbug station? And is there any way to set that individually for whatever stations you have chosen? I have my main one that is not a weatherbug station and my secondary one that is.

The update rate varies by weather station. I’m assuming WeatherBug determines the rate based on how often the data is updated for each weather station. While it would be possible to manually set an update rate, it’s best to choose “Update in realtime” so the data is updated as soon as new data is available.

So, if the station is one that does delayed updates, then Weather Watcher Live handles the update frequency? I have it set to Real-Time updates.

Yes, Weather Watcher Live uses the frequency from the WeatherBug data feed. Since NWS weather stations do not offer live data, the updates are less frequent.

Any idea how frequent they are? Approximately?

No – the rates are dynamic.

Would it actually be better to set a set time duration for updating then in that situation?

To each his own I guess, but I’d rather use the update rate suggested by the data provider since they know how often the data is updated for each weather station.

Thanks, Mike. That is all I need to hear. I will leave it at Realtime Updates then.