What Does AutoUpdate Update?

I’m trying out Weather Watcher in lieu of the ad-infested “other program”.

I noticed during our regular lunch-time game-time at work that every 5 minutes my system slowed to a crawl for a few seconds. Only thing different is that I have Weather Watcher installed. It is currently set to “Enable Auto Update” and the entry for “Forcast Auto Update Rate” was set to 5 minutes.

If I change that to 1 hour, will the temperature still be updated regularly or does that come with the forcast updates which would be only once every hour? What about the check for weather alerts? Those are really the only things I would want to have updated faster than the weather forcast.



BTW, I have a P4 2.0 (OC’d to 2.7GHz) on a network with a T-1 Internet line. I occasionally notice the slowdown while working. It’s only for a few seconds. Primarily I notice that I hear the “program complete” sound events during those updates.

garaytm – Wow, your system shouldn’t be suffering that much during the updates. I have a 733 MHz PC and I don’t even notice when the weather is updated (I also have it set to update every 5 minutes).

The auto update will update any forecast in the On Download section of the Weather Watcher Options window. The Severe Alerts are downloaded with the Current Conditions.

There is no way to update some of these forecasts at some intervals and others at other intervals. That might be a neat option to add though.

I’ll keep watching it. It did strike me as odd that it would cause “burps” like that but maybe it’s the game we are playing as well that chews up a bunch (Unreal Tournament).

garaytm – When I play games (the rare chance that I have to do so), I turn off all other uncessary programs. It’s possible that you might see some lag if Weather Watcher is updating while you are playing Unreal Tournament. Unreall taxes your system enough as it is… it probably doesn’t share resources too well.