WebView2 with every install

Hi. As I understand it, WV2 is included with (and updated by) Win11 automatically, so WW probably shouldn’t be installing it on Win11, right? But it does.

It should be on Win 8.1/10 only that you would do that, if needed.


The Evergreen WebView2 Runtime will be included as part of the Windows 11 operating system. Various WebView2 apps have installed the Evergreen Runtime on devices with an operating system prior to Windows 11. However, some devices might not have the Runtime pre-installed, so it’s a good practice to check whether the Runtime is present on the client.

Before your app creates a WebView2, the app should check whether the WebView2 Runtime is present (either by checking a registry key or by calling an API) and install the Runtime if it is missing. The app can do this check when installing or updating your app (recommended), or at app runtime. To check whether the Runtime is present, see Deploying the Evergreen WebView2 Runtime, below.

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Good idea. I updated the Weather Watcher installer to check if the WebView2 Runtime needs to be installed before executing the WebView2 installer.