WeatherWatcher doesn't open

I’ve tried everything I’ve found on this site: I have a Samsung i700 running WM2003 (version is 4.20.0), I have installed the compact framework 2 SP 2, I’ve tried many versions of Weather Watcher mobile and they all install just fine. I get no error messages. When I click on the icon nothing happens. What do I do next?

Did you try to reset your device after installing the compact framework?

BTW, I’ve only heard of the happening on devices that did not have the 2.0 framework installed. Did you check your installed programs to see if the framework is listed?

Resetting the device did it. I didn’t see that in any of the instructions. Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ll add it to the instructions. It might only be a required step for WM2003 devices – not sure.