Weatherwatcher and Quicken (Intuit) Interaction

With Weatherwacher 5.6.51 (and several versions previous) running wallpaper updates at one minute intervals displaying a series of weather maps (selected using ctrl key) - if I am editing/entering a transaction in Quicken (2009 R6) when the wallpaper update occurs - it will “wipe out” all or part of the transaction, requiring correction or re-entry of data.

The only work-around seems to be to shut Weatherwatcher down while using Quicken.

Any suggestions?


Maybe try decreasing your wallpaper auto update rate as a workaround? One minute is probably overkill for most maps.

Probably!! Definitely is more accurate. I would suggest a 10 minute rate and prior to using Quicken I suggest manually doing a WW weather update. That should give DJ99FERGUSON 10 minutes of uninterrupted time for Quicken.

Thank you for these practical suggestions.

The 1 minute update rate is to cause WeatherWatcher to cycle through a series of maps in 1 minute intervals - about 10 maps are queued up - it is not because I expect a weather map to change in that period of time.

I was hoping that there may be a fix - but what I have been doing for years: exit WeatherWatcher prior to using Quicken seems to be the only protocol available. No matter what the update rate - a long session in Quicken will have a “transaction-in-edit” whacked in due time. It is 100% repeatable.

Thaniks again for your prompt and practical replies.

Is Quicken the only app that WW interrupts when you’re inputting data or does it effect your inputting to other apps as well?

The one and only.
Not noticed in any other app, ever.

Have you contacted Intuit about the situation?

No, I’ve not. I have no expectation that they would be responsive.

Have you used Quicken’s update function where it calls home and searchs for updates?

Or looked here: for answers?