WeatherUnderground Data Missing

It looks like the Weather UnderGround stations for 25177 have changed their data formatting or something. Since Friday of last week, the Weather Underground sites have do not have all the data available…although the info does show up on the direct websites. This is happening on the 3-4 WU stations in the local area of 25177.

WWL V7.0.77 on Windows 7 SP1 x64 Professional fully updated. IE9 (32-bit default)

Are you still experiencing this issue? I tried a few Weather Underground weather stations for that zip code, and all are loading okay at the moment.

Yes, the problem still exists. In the attached pic, the only Saint Albans station that gives proper data is the CW5973 station. I’ve checked the other two daily all last week and at various times during the day to no avail.

May be entirely coincidence; however, this issue started right after these two MS Hotfixes were issued for Windows 7 SP1 x64 Professional.

With those Windows updates installed, I was able to use the “Lakewood In The Hills” weather station. The first time I updated, a lot of the data did not load properly for some reason. I clicked the “UPDATE” button again, and the data loaded properly on the second update.

Did you try updating again after the initial update? If not, please try that and let me know if you see the same results.

Hmmm…no, those 2 stations are still missing the same data. I tried updating each of them 3 times to no avail.

I’m wondering if those weather stations are down and/or have been removed. I don’t see them on Weather Underground’s website.

Now why didn’t I think to check that ? :oops:

You are right. Seems like they are dead. They don’t appear anymore. I removed them from my list of stations.