Weatherbug locations

Hi, I am using WWL 7.2.61 trial version. When I use a weatherbug station I am unable to connect to history or the icon and I just get a generic map on the now page. No problems if I use a weather underground station. The simple solution is don’t use weatherbug stations but I am wondering if I have something set incorrectly. I have tested turning off firewall and antivirus same results. Thanks Tek

The link to the WeatherBug website (your second screenshot) is broken. It should be fixed in the next release.

What exactly do you mean by the generic map on the Now page?

Hi, Thanks for the info about the broken weatherbug link. When I did a little more testing of weatherbug maps vs weather underground maps I realized it was just a different scale. Weatherbug shows larger area regional maps while weather underground shows a more zoomed in area map. Thanks Tek