WeatherBug Icon Reference

I put together the icon reference file below for anyone who is interested in creating an alternative icon set for Weather Watcher Live. For an example of a complete icon set, check out the icon set that comes packed with Weather Watcher Live:

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live\Skins\Icons\WeatherBug

To create a new icon set, just create a new folder in the “Icons” folder above and match up your weather icons to the icons in the following reference file:


Why not put all of the icons in a icl or dll file and save some room?

You could do that, but it would take more work to use them since the web interface references each image by filename.

You would just have to call them differently then, wouldn’t you? It was just an idea, anyway, to make things easier for you

Since the web interface needs to reference the individual image files, they would have to be unpacked each time before using them. The idea of packing everything together would be an excellent idea if the images could be accessed directly.

Does WWL have any sort of unpacking method built in (unpacker, unzip, unrar, etc) that could be used in conjunction with the appropriate archive type? Or would we just have to stick with finding and labeling appropriate icons ourselves?

Reason I ask is that I have found that using IconFX I can convert just about any image type to an icon, and I really prefer high res .PNG images as they scale well…

The icons have to be named as they are in the WeatherBug icon set in “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live\Skins\Icons\WeatherBug”.

The Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension uses icon sets that are named as they are in Weather Watcher. I’ll make the necessary changes to allow Weather Watcher Live to use those icon sets. That way we’ll be able to drop in any sets used in Weather Watcher as-is.

Weather Watcher Live can display icons in any format that can be displayed in Internet Explorer. The common formats would be: GIF, JPG, PNG.

Sweet. Thanks for the answers.


Here’s a link to the (animated GIF) icon set that I’ve been using with Weather Watcher for the past 4 1/2 years. I would be most happy if I could get these icons working in WWL.


Do animated icons work for weatherbug ?

LonnieBarnhardt, the WeatherBug icon set is not animated, if that is what you’re asking.