Weatherbug Backyard Network- gone?

This may not be directly the problem of Mike Singer’s, but hoping for some insight.

Using Weather Watcher Live on Firefox to hook up to my own weather station, but for 2 days now it is not showing anything in the observations area. When I go to weatherbug it is showing “No current observations” and then after a while shows the station template with no data in any field. … tat=p13826

So I go to change station (on and look at the map of my town and the only station that shows is the airport NWS one. I changed to San Francisco and the only stations I can see are NWS and Weatherbug stations, no Backyard Stations at all. I moved over to Seattle, zoomed WAY out and apparently there are no Backyard stations anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Can I safely rule out any problem with Watcher Live and my weather software? Anyone know what might be happening at Weatherbug?



My WeatherBug station hasn’t been working since sometime Friday morning. It’s an issue on WeatherBug’s end. I contacted them this morning – they are looking into it. I’ll follow up here when I have more info.

FYI, here is a direct link to your backyard weather station: … ?ID=p13826

Thanks Mike. I thought it might be them, and appreciate you taking the proactive step! I was not wanting to bother them if it was something I had done on my end.


PWS’s are back up now. I don’t see our weather stations when searching at They are available within Weather Watcher Live, and the link back to works from within Weather Watcher Live.