Weather Watcher

Your Weather Watcher 5.6 10 beta program is great. It’s getting better all the time. The only problem I have is sometimes when my computer boots up and it loads Weather Watcher it won’t be in the systray so I can change options. I have to control alt delete to stop the program and then run it again. After that everything is fine. This happens about 2/3’s of the time. Any suggestions?



mikemwa, do you think your system tray is hiding the icon, or does it just not show period?

It doesn’t show period. It is running though. If I just double click the icon to run it again it still won’t show. I have to control alt delete to end task and then I can run it and its fine.


Which version of Windows do you have?

I am using Windows XP, and ran into that problem as well. I found that if I disable Windows prefetch, then this situation corrected itself. Also if you automatically log onto Windows, Sometimes Windows fails to load all the icons. By logging onto windows manually, the icons should all be loaded into the systray.

What do you have the Auto Update frequency for Weather Watcher set to? If too high XP can automatically hide the icon as being inactive. Especially true is the Tray Tooltip icon is using the new skin feature. I have mine set to update every 20 minutes and rarely have the icon not display.


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By contrast, I have mine set to 15 minutes and it never hides.

I also use a utility called Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar, which has a reload function, which reloads the search bar - and for some reason also refreshes every thing in my system tray - very handy when explorer crashes and some of the System Tray icons ‘disappear’.


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