Weather Watcher v. 5.6.26 WILL NOT UPDATE!!

Just updated Weather Watcher to 5.6.26 and now cannot update! The temp and date and time - EVERYTHING! is static. Initially I encountered the same error as others in that the date showed as 28/04/2004 and then as 04/28/2008. That particular glitch/bug/error seems to have been fixed via the link in the forums.

But alas, I cannot perform/the program will NOT update at all. This is true of the other two systems in my house as well.

I’ve used this terrific app seamlessly for over 2yrs. and have never encountered any problems whatsoever. I removed/uninstalled the program on each of the three systems in my home and then for each, reinstalled - and still none of the three (all v.5.6.26!) can or will update.

Any suggestions/counsel/advice??

Any and all help/input is greatly appreciated.

Check your firewall or AV logs. One or the other may be interpetting the new file versions as being hostile.

:roll: Try change active station (another city)… It works!

Version 5.6.28 is available, have you tried it?

jmac0408, what happens when you attempt to update the weather? Do you see any kind of response from the Weather Watcher interface?

Well, I have the same issue since a couple of days. It happened somewhere after installing WW 5.6.27, but is maybe

So I have noticed that the current conditions and forecast are not updated. If I try to do this manually, I get the usual messages:

Downloading weather data…
Parsing weather data…

…and after that - no change at all. I am stuck at 23:30 on Monday (this is UTC+3), if I recall correctly.

At the same time, however, my 1-Click-Weather Firefox addon is updated without any issues.

Do you have any idea?

BTW it is the same on my other PC at home… and the last updated timestamp is the same too.

Any difference with the following build?

It works now :slight_smile: Thanks, Mike!

Same problem with version .28

I had the same problem with version .28 and couldn’t click on the site that Mike recommended. However, I changed the city as suggested above and it works perfectly now!

I install WW 5.6.29 today instead of .28. Three hours it updates ‘Downloaded’ time but not changed ‘Observed’ time in Main window! The Forecast doesn’t changed too.
It looks like .26, .27, .28 versions…
Affter I has changed ‘Active station’ to another town and backward, it works normally!
Sorry, to make screenshots is too late…
This effect i has notised since 5.6.27 version ~after I checked box ‘Store user files in the WW program folder’ (?) and it replicates with every upgrade to newer version.

Anton, this issue is most likely being caused by a date/time calculation error. Can you post a screenshot of your Regional & Language Options from the Windows Control Panel so I can attempt to reproduce this issue using your settings?

Ou! It’s sees some more seriously!
Today, after I was turned on my PC, my WW 5.6.29 updates only once: at 12 h and no more till I again has changed ‘Active station’ to another town and backward, and then it works normally!
With 5.6.28 and aprior versions this affect don’t arises on the next day past upgrade version!
I made many screenshots and have a trouble to publicate its all…
(Windows 2000pro SP4, RUS)

:mrgreen: P.S.:
When I try to hit the button ‘Update’ (when WW don’t work normally) in the Main window, I see ‘Downloading…’, ‘Parsing…’ and no errors!
Downloaded time changes but Observed - nope!

Here’s a new Weather Watcher build with a small cache change:

Does this fix fix the -i parameter problem also?

Probably not… that sounds like an issue from another thread.

I’m currently using WW 5.6.34 under WinXP Home edition, and I too noticed a couple of upgrades back that the auto weather update no longer worked reliably, and usually had to be done manually. I tried various tactics–upgrading to the latest version, changing the location from a ZIP code to a city name, etc.–with no success. Then about a week ago I was using msconfig to edit my startup file on a different matter and I noticed that ww.exe was enabled in the startup file twice in a row. Apparently one of the installs had added it in without checking if it was already there. I disabled one of the two ww.exe entries and since then WW has automatically updated every 15 minutes without a hitch. Problem solved! (for me, anyway)