Weather watcher useless at the moment

The WW is useless for me at the moment. Already for some weeks I noticed it is always 18c or lower which is the case. Like today it was 23c, though displayed was 18c.

I know Mike can’t do anything about it since the feeds are coming from other sources. Though, I like you to know

Since you are referring to Weather Watcher, have you verified if the same location at is showing the same details as you are seeing in WW?

See this

krab, according to your screenshot, that data is from 5/12/08. The screenshot is showing data from 5/25/08.

Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

And WW is showing the download date as being 5/25/08 also. So WW is using data from 5/12/08 which implies either dl.exe isn’t executing, dl.exe isn’t getting out to or dl.exe(?) is unable to update the Registry. The latter could be caused by av/as software.


The screen shot was made this morning 5/25 I did it again just now after updating. My weather sation says 20.3c

Just updated to 5.6.30 now it seems to be fine. I will keep you posted. Thanks.