Weather watcher update overwrites dll used by other program

We have a problem running Weather Watcher with a program called Aspen. When Weather Watcher installs its updates it overwrites the file Unzip32.dll located in C:\WINDOWS\system32. This updated file is listed as version 5.something. Aspen uses this same .dll for its internal attachment function. Aspen looks for a specific version of this .dll ( If the version doesn’t match, the attachment function doesn’t work.

The quick fix is to just copy the version of the Unzip32.dll into C:\WINDOWS\system32 and overwrite the Weather Watcher version. This has to be done every time that Weather Watcher is installed/updated on the pc though. This happens every few weeks. Is there a way to turn off the automatic updates each time a new version of Weather Watcher comes out and just manually update periodically?

If you copy the old version of unzip32.dll into the same folder/directory as the Aspen executable the problem should go away. The search path for subroutines starts with the folder the program executes in.

Ww does not do automatic updates. It does have an option to notify you that there is an update when such exists but it doesn’t automatically install it. Manual intervention by the client booting the machine is required. The automatic update check can be turned off on the WW Options’ General tab.

You should also write to the vendor of the Aspen software and ask them if they have a patch for their app to allow it to use current Windows XP subroutines. In that you purchased their app they should provide support and may already have a free patch or upgrade.