weather watcher unstable in windows xp pro

my WW is increasingly unstable in my windows xp pro. the map wallpaper has disappeared, the updates may or may not run, and it has caused system instability. when i uninstall it, my system goes back to normal. as soon as i install it again, it runs fine for a day or 2 and then the instability starts again. any ideas? I am running an old HP with a 733 MHZ processor, 256MB ram, windows xp pro SP2. the weather watcher version i am trying to run is the beta. I would appreciate any ideas. thank you.

BullDogg, how is your system unstable?

And what do you have the WW update frequency set to?

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my system’s instability is for example: locking up programs that are running…etc…and that only happened when the beta was running. i had the update frequency set at 2 mins but that shouldn’t be a problem as i have a t1 connection. but i went to weather watcher 5.5 and it seems to be running fine.’s data is only updated as frequently as every 20 mins. And that is only recently, it use to be every 1 hr. Try changing your WW update frequency to every 20 - 30 mins and see if you still have the hang ups.

It is possible that too many things were trying to access the 'net concurrently; Windows Update, antivirus updates, antispyware updates, Realplayer updates, Quicktime updates, firewall updates, pc clock updates, gmail checks, POP email checks, webpage auto refreshes, etc.

There is also a possibility spyware/adware accessing the 'net. Have you scanned for scumware? The new MS Antispyware beta is very good as are several freeware ones.

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