Weather Watcher unable to connect/Comodo Firewall

I’ve been using Weather Watcher v5.6.53 in Windows XP SP3 without any issues (with NIS2008), but now when I installed Comodo Free Firewall (I had NIS2008 before with no issues) Weather Watcher is unable to connect even though I gave ww.exe and dl.exe “Trusted” application status within Comodo Firewall’s settings. If I uninstall/reinstall Weather Watcher it won’t fix the issue, if I uninstall Comodo, Weather Watcher will connect normally. How can I fix this so to be able to use Weather Watcher in conjunction with Comodo? (All of my other applications that require Internet Access are working fine, except Weather Watcher). Thanks for your feedback.

Don’t forget to add WW’s GetFile.exe to the Trusted app list.

Hi Ed, there’s no “GetFile.exe” file, at least it does not show up in the WW’s Program Files’ folder.
UPDATE: I tried granting TRUSTED APPLICATION status to ALL files in the WW folder (not just executables), and now WW is able to update and connect! So it seems that the issue is solved, but I will be observing for a few days until I can definitely conclude that the problem was resolved.

Trust me, it’s there. Why you’re not seeing it I have no idea, but it’s there.

Very happy to hear you’ve gotten WW working again.

BTW I’ve used Comodo’s FW for years.