Weather Watcher to include Aviation Weather?

Can we incorporate the retrieval of METARS and TAFS into Weather Watcher? If you don’t know what this is, go here and type in an airport indentifier such as KEWR for Newark International Airport. … 7a1f680d11

If you type in: kewr and choose “Raw Format” and click on “METARS”, then hit submit, you will get an aviation weather briefing in text format. Pilots use these. For instance this is what one looks like:

KCDW 251353Z VRB04KT 5SM HZ FEW013 22/19 A3009 RMK AO2 SLP193 T02220189

I was wondering if we could incorporate this functionality into Weather Watcher and be able to have this information constantly updating in the Weather Watcher program?

What does each part of that line mean?

I don’t think that i’m able to explain everything about METAR in a few lines, so here a some links to see what’s it all about.

Mr Singer;

altho it might be fun figuring out how to read a METAR
code it is not necessary.

The above url will translate the METAR for any given
airport. just check the translate box. The airport
identifier starts with a “K”, i.e KDFW is the identifier for
the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

I have found the Gov site
actually has good information.