Weather Watcher not working with XP Pro

Hi Guys…I used WW when I was running 2K pro, and it always worked like a dream…never a problem. However, now I am running XP Pro, SP2, and it seems to be always on the blink. Am using WW 5.6.24. My PC uses AMD dual core 4800+, 2GB Ram, etc. Seems if the PC is idle for awhile, the temp will not update, even though I have it set to update every five minutes. When I then try to get an update, it stops working, and I end up having an error message come up from Microsoft, that IE6 has encountered an error and needs to close…which also closes WW. In a few instances I can get it back by going into the Start, All programs, and clicking on the WW icon, but most of the time, I have to do a complete uninstall(including registry), before I can download and install WW again. Then, it will only last for a few days, before I have to do it all over again. I love the WW program, but am tiring of the hassle to keep it running. I am not interested in another program like WW, as it is absolutely the best I have seen. Thanks for any help you can offer to solve the problem.

Can you post a screenshot of the error message the next time you see it?

Will do!

XP, SP2, IE6, IE crashes => I’ll bet you need this patch:

Thanks so much for your reply, but I got that patch some time ago.

Have a great day.

There has to be something specific to your installation though, as I ran WW for the longest time on XP Pro SP2, and now run it on Vista Ultimate, and I cannot recall that ever happening to me on a long term basis…

What sort of Anti Malware software are you running? I wonder if something is causing a conflict / blocking the dl.exe from executing perfectly, especially when the CPU goes idle…

I am running Spybot, Spywareblaster, and Ad-Aware 2007. Also have Win Patrol, but I have WW listed in startup, and that does not seem to be a problem. Up-to-date on the Hosts files. Have AVG free edition for anti-virus. I don’t think it is in those programs…something to do with IE6.

Well, it just happened again. My PC was idle for about 2 hours. I clicked to update, and got the following (sorry, was not able to get a screenshot…wouldn’t let me do it for some reason):

Title Bar: Weather Watcher
Weather Watcher has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Then it asks to send an error report to Microsoft.

The second page has the following:
Title Bar: Weather Watcher
Error Signature
AppName: ww.exe AppVer: ModName: Wininet.dll ModVer: 6.0.2900.3231 Offset: 000044bf

Hope that gives you the info you need. Thanks for your concern. I really do love this program.

Weather Watcher uses Internet Explorer to display the weather data. That error message is coming from Internet Explorer.

You might want to try to repair Internet Explorer. If that doesn’t work, the following link might turn up some useful tips:

It was only posted 3 weeks ago and is a manual patch to install.

Another option would be to upgrade IE to the currrent release.