Weather Watcher Mobile

I would love to see your weather watcher application available on my PocketPC. I’m sure the palm folks would dig it too.

Another vote for PalmOS!

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I’m new, so excuse my posting in an old thread.

A .NET version would be sweet. XCopy deployment is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, on the mobile side, .NET locks you in to the PocketPC platform. Assuming you went that route, guessing you’d want to develop it as a Today screen plugin. That would be awesome, but I don’t think the .NET Compact Framework has support for the Today screen (DOH!) so you’d have to write it using eMbedded C++ (or maybe VB if that supports it). If you figure out how to do it, I’d love to know!

Would love to see you come up with something for the PocketPC, all the other ones out there I’ve tried are CRRRRAP! [:)]

I remember there was a version of VB 6.0 for WindowsCE deployment. It is undoubtedly gone w/ the advent of .NET, but maybe finding a copy and compiling it w/ that would be a fairly straight forward way of making a mobile version. Just a thought.

Baptist, it wouldn’t be that easy. For starters, the screeen is much smaller, so the entire Weather Watcher interface would have to be rewritten. A lot of features would have to be remooved too since they won’t function on a Pocket PC.

You’re probably right. The experience I have had with development (including VB) is for PC & server platforms. Might be worth a shot looking into as I recollect some of my contacts porting their VB6 apps through that method. Can’t say how much work they had to do though.

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ahh man .net would suck :frowning: its seems great from a programmer perspective but horrible from an end user perspective.

it means installing even more software and it means if it becomes popular us users are at the mercy of .net it goes down all the programs that use it go down. Microsoft decides they dont want certain software working it gets buggy for that software and ms blames it on developer etc… I do not like .net it puts way to much control in the hands of Microsoft. what happens when updates to .net are compulsory. bad news really bad news.

bad news.

Chris Taylor

actually the screen size is not all that bad. ppc will be easier than palm though sadly (I have a palm zodiac with 480x320 screen) since I believe IE is built into PPC and your program appears centered around IE

your interface is already pretty small just get rid of the borders on the bottom left and right and move the icons to the top row as part of the status bar. this should give you about 320x210 pixels to play with on the zodiac and other modern pals keep the icons on the left override the status bar areas and you will have 460x320 roughly to play with.

most of your content will easily fit on either of these screen it will just have more vertical scrolling.

you have a lot of wasted space in your program as is some making it more dense for the smaller screen would not be all that hard. that is why I want ways to increase content density so I can use the full 800x600 of my tablet computer.

on the palm you would have to make a way to display your data since there is no web browser integration on the palm like you have in windows.

this would be quite a popular program for palms and easy to impliment in theory ie from a user perspective.

those without internet - you could have a PC side app maybe even built right into weather watcher download and parse a file for the PDA and “sync” it when the user syncs there palm. any data synced for allintents and purposes really is good for at least 24 hours. just have weather watcher update the sync file each time it updates so every time they sync there palm they sync there weather.

also make it live as many users are also ONLINE with there palms I have bluetooth to link up with my sprint phone and get online anytime I want.

this would be a nic app for palms and PPC’s and some of the newer PPC’s have 640x480 screens !!

Chris Taylor