Weather Watcher Mobile 1.0.3 crash on Motorola-Q Win Mobile

Hi, any help will be appreciated very much. I’ve got .Net mobile 2.0 sp1 installed on Win Mobile 5, Motorola-Q Smartphone. Installed WW Mobile 1.0.3 and it crashes with ‘Unexpected Error’.
Details are “NotSupportedException at Microsoft.AGL.Common.MISC.HandleAR()” and it goes on & on…

Anyone have any guesses? Should I be on .Net 2.0 without sp1?

The current release of Weather Watcher Mobile will only run on Pocket PC devices.

Smartphones don’t support all of the controls used by Weather Watcher Mobile (e.g. tab windows, buttons), so it’s going to require some extra thinking outside of the box to work the same features into the Smartphone interface. I have a Smartphone version in the works… just not sure when it’ll be done.

Thanks so much for the quick reply Mike, my bad for not checking the platform requirements. I’ll keep an eye out for Smartphone availability.