Weather Watcher Live Ver. 7.0.18 program.

I did purchase the Lifetime License a few months back and was sent a email link to download WWL704. I held off installing it till some bugs were worked out.

I now see Weather Watcher Live Ver. 7.0.18 is now available (I also saw a post by danwdoo that mentioned 7.0.19) and I would like to download and install the latest version. I do not feel like installing WWL704 and doing the updating.

Where is WWL Ver. 7.0.18 located? Is the only way to get Ver. 7.0.18 by a link sent to me?

I only see Weather Watcher Live 6.1.28 available from

I did look around the support site and also tried the search option looking for this download; the search option does not seem to work all that great, at least for me.

If this has already been addressed and/or answered on this forum I apologize as I did not see it and searching turned up nothing.

Thank you for your time and help with my request.

The following link points to the latest version 7 build:

Try searching my forum from the link below. It uses Google and seems to produce the best results.