Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension in development

I’m currently working on a Weather Watcher Live Firefox extention. Please share your ideas, suggestions, etc. for features you think should be included.


Pretty much keeping all of the current features in WWL would be nice - but one of ht main things is going to be size - the extension needs to be tiny, and not a resource drain on Fx.

Other than that, I’d appreciate it if you set up a small warning message that would display at least once before a person is allowed to view items on Weatherbug’s site…

I really good thing would be to allow statusbar weather icons, similar to your system tray icon now, but customizable - as in be able to show current, forecast temps, forecast conditions, etc…I think taking the hourly approach into the status bar would be overkill, though…

re: Current conditions, I’d love to see an observed time right there in the status bar, although that might also be a bit overbearing for users with low resolutions (I run 1600 X 1200 right now on both monitors, so…)

The ability to completely skin the extension…or, perhaps even better, would be to use some of the code from Personas Extension so that the current condition becomes the current persona for Fx - now that would be kewl…and I already have Personas working without a hitch in Fx 3…

Hmmm…Alerts…condition changes…all sorts of ideas…

Does this mean you have switched to Firefox? I think I remember you used IE.

Me? I prefer IE, but Firefox 3 is growing on me. I might switch to Firefox once the Weather Watcher Live extension is out :cool:

Love firefox. You can get lots of add-ons so you can have it do what you want it to do :mrgreen:

I am an exclusively Firefox user. I couldn’t do what you are able to do with these ‘Internet programs’, I’ve been in other non-electronics businesses all my life - I can only speak from a computer/Internet user’s standpoint. I’m retired and I am on the computer much of the day, so I do have high user-experience. I tell you that to enable you to categorize my comments to where it fits.

Of course, you know, when it becomes a Firefox Extension or Add On, the traffic will probably be much greater, so a more perfected product would be to your far advantage. My impression is if a user is going to keep an Add On after they install it, it has to be consistently reliable. The ones that get uninstalled or disabled are those that, when you go to use them, they don’t do what they were purported to do or they don’t do it correctly.

From my experience with the current WWL, the things I would suggest you get to a more steadfast condition, the things that have more of a tendency to not always work or stay working, are these: The three Rain features; the Today’s High number; staying connected, i. e., the Observed time much too often showing up as far from the time it should be. I can’t suggest how to change your Maps section but I dislike the way it operates. I do think Intellicast has one of the easiest map setup to use, if that leads you in any direction.

By and large, it is a good product… that needs just a little fine-tuning.

Here are some screenshots of the extension in development:

The screen shots look cool, i [size=5]can’t[/size] to try it out when its ready, cos at my job there a proxy server and it blocks updateing WW, and i have to load parallels to use it, i’m trying to do more with my mac and stay away from windows :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.

Almost ready for the first beta… :cool:

The beta can now be downloaded from the main forum: