Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension (Beta)

The following changes are included in this build:

FIXED: The map image is now updated each time the weather is retrieved. Keep in mind that the map image will not change if the map was not updated at the source since the last time the weather was retrieved.

Please share any comments, suggestions or issues in this thread. Also, feel free to post a screenshot if it will help describe what you’re discussing.

Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension i[/i]:

Note: Please install Firefox 3.* before attempting to install the Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension.

Thank you for the update :icon_smile:

At the tooltip, the forecasted highs and lows are listed. However, in the late afternoon, the afternoon high is replaced by tomorrow’s high and today’s high is not changed. It gets confusing doing it that way. It would be better, if there is a “N/A” next to the forecasted high when it is expired.

Also, can you include the “max wind speed” to the extension and WWL?

Also, can you make the rain amount (daily, monthly and yearly) to be two decimal places?

Please explain how the “average wind” is calculated.


This is a bug. I’ll fix it for the next release.

I’ll make a note to add this.

Will do.

I don’t know how WeatherBug calculates that value. I’m assuming they sum up all of the day’s wind readings and divide the result by the total number of wind readings.

By the way, the max wind is listed in the main user interface of WWL, it is not listed in the taskbar tooltip.

Thanks for all your hard work, Mike!


It looks mostly sunny outside my window, but both WWL and the extension are saying that the current condition is “30% chance of rain” That is a forecast, not a sky condition.


Yes – and I don’t know why that never made it into the tooltip.

Which weather station are you using?

I see that Nansemond River High School is currently showing “30% chance of storms” in the first day of the daily forecast (which is today). The current condition tooltip is showing “Mostly Sunny”. That looks okay to me.

I use Nansemond River High School as my station.

It displays correct now, it’s been toggling “mostly sunny” and “30% chance of Storns”. WWL does it too, so it might be a problem with Weatherbug’s feed.

BTW, Weather Watcher Live is showing us to have a 7% chance of rain, instead of 30%. The search in WWL and updates take forever in WWL, unlike the much faster extension. And both the WWL and the extension lacks some international airports (unlike Weather Watcher Original). It would be neat to see the weather conditions where our troops are at)…you might just make some suggestions to your WeatherBug buddies.

Check out my screenshot below. I only noticed the icon labeled as “1st daily icon” toggling as you described above. The “current condition icon” toggled too, but it never displayed “30% chance of storms”. The toggling is due to data being pulled from different servers that aren’t synched up.

Which icon from my screenshot is showing “30% chance of storms” for you?

For some reason, the daily precipitation forecast and hourly precipitation forecast do not match up at times. Due to that issue, Weather Watcher Live calculates its own daily precipitation forecast for the upcoming days using the hourly precipitation forecast.

The Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension does not i[/i] have that extra logc build into it. At the moment, it’s displaying the daily forecast as-is in the WeatherBug weather datafeed.

The extension does all of its work in the browser, so it doesn’t have to worry about downloading files to disk, opening them, reading in the data, etc. There just aren’t as many hoops to jump through to get the data. The extension also downloads less data since it only has to be able to display 12 hours of data.

WeatherBug is not using the same data source at The Weather Channel, so the available weather stations are going to be different. Since WeatherBug gets their international weather data from a third party, they really have no control over which weather stations are available. I believe they are working on moving to a different international data source, so maybe we’ll see additional weather stations in the future.

At tooltips at WWL and the extension, at !0:44PM, they are reporting the current condition as sunny. The “fair moon” icon was displayed.


dlbryant, I believe that issue is going to be fixed in the next WeatherBug datafeed release.

Do you have any input on my screenshot above?

I think the current icon was a rain cloud in front of the sun. It was sunny with few clouds according to my view outside my living room window, without any rain…