Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension (Beta)

The following changes are included in this build:

ADDED: Arrow image to the right of the current condition toolbar text to indicate if the temperature/barometer/humidity is increasing or decreasing.

ADDED: “Change Map…” menu item to toolbar right-click menu to allow a custom map to be displayed for a specific weather station. The default WeatherBug map will be displayed for all weather stations that do not have a custom map URL setup.

CHANGED: The barometer reading now displays with two decimal places.

FIXED: If the weather station name was edited in the “Station” section of the Options window, the actual name was still displaying at the top of the current conditions tooltip.

FIXED: The “Humidity Low” and “Humidity High” labels were switched in the current conditions tooltip.

FIXED: Map image was not always loading correctly when pointing the mouse over the globe toolbar icon.

FIXED: Tooltip was displaying “undefined” when the high or low temperature was not available.

Please share any comments, suggestions or issues in this thread. Also, feel free to post a screenshot if it will help describe what you’re discussing.

Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension i[/i]:

Note: Please install Firefox 3.* before attempting to install the Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension.

Mike…Arrow not displaying next to barometric pressure.

Edit: Possibly due to the fact there is no significant change. :oops:

The arrow only displays if the barometer is increasing or decreasing. Otherwise, no arrow image is shown.

Embarrassingly understood. :oops:

Oh, you know someone else will come along with the same question. You did them a favor :icon_smile:

A case of ‘Look before you leap’. :roll:

Can you add “Max. Daily Wind Gust” to the extension and WWL?


I added a map ( … region.jpg) to the extension, and the map does not update like it does on the web. I also tried a Weather Underground radar image, and it does the same thing.


dlbryant, what do you mean by it doesn’t update like on the web?

The radar maps on Weather Underground and WVEC update every 6-8 minutes. I tried using those maps, but it never updated, It’s 6:33PM and the image at the extension is from 5:38PM.


dlbryant, is your extension setup to update at a set interval or do you manually update it?

It’s set to update every 5 minutes.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the custom map! This addition, IMO, makes the extension perfect :bounce:

My custom map is also not updating. I have my weather set to update every 15 mins, but even with a manual update, my map doesn’t update. I’m using a radar map from Weather Underground. I haven’t tried any others.

Thanks again for including this feature.

The map should update correctly in the following build: