Weather Watcher Live Feedback


Some comments on the new WW6 Live

It’s looking good apart from the following points:

Its now harder to swap between Days, Hours and Moon on slider display, you have to go to setting to do this.

Icons seem to be a bit mixed up? it is currently 7DegC but the icon shows possible snow? And the current conditions show frozen mix

On the slider bar in hour mode there are is no indication of what hour the icons relate to.

Great program Mike!

  1. I noticed that the Wind Direction default is the TO direction, vs the FROM direction. Wouldn’t it be more logical to have it be the FROM direction (as the default)?

  2. Also, if you mouse over the Wind Speed indicator, it doesn’t show Gusts. Is that because it is real-time now?

  3. Can you change the Radar Map (located w/i WWL) to be whatever DEFAULT map that you want to select? The far away view of the Northeast is not the one I want as a default. Not sure of the functionality.

  4. I’d have to agree with mark643 - it is harder to toggle from hours to days, in WWL (vs WW). But it does work reasonably quickly, from Options.

  5. Having the ALERT message (perhaps cached) WITHIN the WWL interface would be great. Otherwise, when you go to the website, you’re stuck dealing with the Double-click stuff that SpyBot is trying to stop, along with the Cookies (IE Explorer).

  6. It would be nice if it could carry over the settings from WW. It took a bit longer to set up, because it didn’t do that.

  7. Would be nice to have a default sound for an alert (for the less techno-savvy in the group!) :icon_smile:

Great work Mike – our IT dept suggested WW (and WWL) over Weatherbug, due to the pop-ups, cookies, double-click stuff, etc. You have a great program!!


I’m planning on adding tabs – similar to what is used in the Weather Watcher Splendid skin.

The current condition is currently displaying the next available hourly condition – which is forecasted, rather than recorded. WeatherBug is going to be rolling out a new version of their datafeed soon that’ll allow me to display the recorded current condition.

It looks like this might only be an issue for weather stations that are outside of the US. Which weather station are you using?

Click “SETTINGS” at the bottom, right of the main Weather Watcher Live window to switch the direction.

Correct. The strongest gust of the day is displayed in “Max” column in the “NOW” section.

I could do that, but it would no longer change with your weather station – unless the map was somehow tied to the weather station. Do you have any thoughts on how you would picture such a feature working?

I might be able to cache the current alerts and make them available from the “NOW” section. The detailed alert information will most likely only be available from

While I agree this would be a neat feature to add, I’m not sure if it would be worth the extra work since it’s a once and done thing.

Agreed. I’ll try to throw a few sounds into the installation. I’m trying to keep the install a small as possible since bandwidth isn’t free :sad:

Super – thanks! This is a phenomenal program - you are to be commended!

Thanks for the reply Mike,

I am using Manchester UK


Nice program indeed :thumbright:

Only 2 issues I’d like to report, already mentioned in another topic a pity you cannot choose the same weather station like you had in WW at least not here first I had Arnhem/Dieren now can only choose air force base deelen.

Second in the slider display there where the temperature should be displayed I see a lot of small red crosses indicating the image cannot be found or displayed, only one image loads there.

Thanx for your efford :thumbright:

Can you post a screenshot?

I’ll take a look and get back to you.

hey, i’d love to have larger map inside the WWL main window may be right from history and current so it wont be visible if u resize to minimum but expanded window in width would give a quite nice view (may be map can go back to its current position and size when window is diminished and on the right and larger when expanded)

…and another suggestion - why not make the selected favourite map to load in main window map viewer and have link to external map viewer and site as well as reset to default map or auto reset on weather retrieved ?
I mean… it should be more neat and compact rather than opening aditional windows .

Q: is the problem with the hourly display in slider (outside US) - build or data provider related ? (24 hour clock isnt showing and condition image is bugged as well as temp - 0.0.36, 12h clock is working correct though as well as day/night background in the images )

Great software, Mike …Cheers !

I really like the way WW Live is shaping up! Bug report: every time 0.0.36 starts up it tries to read other programs’ memory space using ZwReadProcessMemory. I’ve seen other beta programs do that too – does that make it easier to do something important?

Also, when 0036 updated the 0032 maps it looks like it didn’t wait for confirmation.

Dunno about Vista, but there’re some consistent WAV filenames in the path %windir%\media for the rest of the Windows versions.

New Weather Watcher Beta

I just love this new Beta. I dont know what more anyone could ask for. What a great job well done. Thankyou for this great program.

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you go into some more detail?

Yes, I need to fix this issue.

That’s about all I know. My security software just warns that it blocked ww.exe from reading memory owned by two specific processes using the above system call as WWlive starts up. (This is under XP Pro SP2 and all current patches, in case it matters, and it did the same thing in beta 0032.)

Wind direction indicator

Nice work on the program. Been using previous versions for a while now.

One suggestion;

Couldn’t you just add another Arrow pointing inward to indicate which direction the wind is coming from instead of two different options to choose. Then you will know which direction its coming from and which direction its going to in one look. Maybe make the arrow a different size.
I added a pic as example:

Hope that’s clear…

Also, at the bottom of the NOW window, where the clouds and temps are displayed, not sure what you call it, (hourly predictions?) is there a way to see the time of day for each?


maypo52, the following Weather Watcher Live build should resolve the issue with the missing times in the slider:

Hey, Mike – I never heard back from you on this one. Is there anything else I can do from here to help track this down?

Landroid - are you using the latest build (

Landroid, I was not able to find any information on Google regarding that “ZwReadProcessMemory” message from your security software. Perhaps you should contact the owner of the security software to find out what that message means?

johngalt, no – WW Live 0.0.44 tells me I am using the latest version.

Mike – I dunno if there’re any online docs available, but here’s a C/C++ programming forum snippet I found via Google:

As long as I’m able to interpret the stack frames (not yet sure how to do this programatically), it would seem like I could just read the target process’ memory (ReadProcessMemory in usermode, or ZwReadProcessMemory in kernel mode) at the base stack pointer indicated by the KTHREAD struct, and then walk the stack.
Is that any help?