Weather Watcher Live 6.1.28, Moon showing during daylight?


Have just downloaded current version, I notice at 2:00pm NZST the moon shows in the current conditions. Current sunset for New Zealand is 5:12pm today!
What have I done wrong, the system clock is on correct time.

Cheers! :icon_smile:

Which weather station are you using?

Hi Mike,

Phew quick reply! I am using either Hillmorton WS or Christchurch Airport, both show the same icon.

Cheers B.


Have switched back to CHC Airport and all now ok…must be the Home WS at fault!

Thanks for a great product and service.

Regards, Bryan.

I see the same issue with Hillmorton HS. WeatherBug’s data feed is showing a moon icon, so everything seems okay in Weather Watcher Live. I’ll contact WeatherBug and ask them to take a look at their data feed.

Hi Mike,

Still having same issues with night mode being selected in current conditions, this happens at exactly 14:00 each day, on most NZ sites I have visited.

Thanks and regards.

WeatherBug has confirmed this is an issue. They are working to resolve it. There is nothing I can do on my end because the problem exists in the weather data feed that is used by Weather Watcher Live.

Thanks again Mike.

I realize this is a WB problem and not with your Program, will wait and see what happens!


I have an idea that might work around this issue until WeatherBug is able to resolve it in their data feed. I’ll try to compare the sunset/sunset times to the current time and flip the icon to a daytime icon if it’s not actually nighttime. I’ll follow up here after I try out that idea.

Cheers Mike,

Just another problem I have found is in WW Live maps, the satellite image for NZ is ok, but current conditions, sunshine and winds are dated August 2009!

Cheers B.

Mine are current. Are you looking somewhere else?

Hi Mike,

I use the drop down maps box on the main UI, today it still shows Aug 2009! Wierd huh? The current conditions icon still switches to night at 14:00 each day as well.

If you look at my screenshot above, you can see where my map links. I’m guessing your map is linking to an old location. You can rebuild your maps by reinstalling Weather Watcher Live over top of itself and choose to overwrite your maps when prompted on the first run.

Re: Weather Watcher Live 7.0.27, Moon showing during daylight?

Hi Mike,

Have the latest program installed 7.0.27 and the moon is still showing on current conditions during our daylight hours, I am logged onto the Hoon Hay HS thru WB. The same condition shows on all our local HS’s and with WB Chch Airport station. It seems to switch to night mode at 14:00 each day!

I’ll follow up with WeatherBug again to see how they are doing with that fix. It’s possible that it just hasn’t been rolled out yet.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your replies, WB issue has been fixed but now have the same issue with WU! Moon showing during daylight hours from 14:00 local time! Using very latest program, and the local HS are the WU ones showing the issue.

I’m 2 hours off, but here’s what I see right now. What time does the hourly forecast usually revert back to the correct icons?

Hi Mike,
Sorry for delay in reply, been busy fighting earthquakes! I note the moon is still showing during daylight under the following conditions.

  1. Only on Underground stations.
  2. Only on WWL Now screen.
  3. Shows daylight icons ok on Hourly and Daily screens.

Weather Bug no problem, and am using your latest version not 6.1.28.

Cheers. :D/