Weather Watcher Live 6.0.22 Wind Direction Meter

My Wind Direction Meter appears to be showing the wind direction exactly the opposite of the true wind direction. (ex. if the wind is said to be coming from the southwest, my meter has the red arrow showing at the northeast!
Isn’t this an error?
When I go directly to a weather station internet site, the arrow is in the area that the wind is coming from, not going to.

Thank You!

That behavior is by design. The wind gauge arrow points in the same direction as all other wind gauge arrows. The only thing you can do is flip the wind gauge arrow in the Splendid skin settings (click “SETTINGS” at the bottom, right of the main Weather Watcher Live window).

That did it!
Was this info mentioned anywhere in help files? I thought I looked everywhere before posting problem.
Thank You!

No – it’s an undocumented feature.