weather watcher has no information on the weather in my city and is not useful in my country

I am from Bolivia I live in Sucre and unfortunately in my country the software is of very limited use since it only contains information stations in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz and here we are nine departments and cities, so I am writing to see if this can be fixed or how I add my city Sucre to the system

Greetings and I wait for answers.

I have forgotten since my city does not have information, I am using a trial license and if there is any solution I will think about buying

Thank you

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The only thing you can do is use the closest available weather station.

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Dear horizontess82, Iā€™m from Brazil and I also have this problem but it is independent of the Weather Watcher program, the application searches for weather stations that are connected to the WEB, if in your city you do not have a station, the program will seek the nearest connected. I used several weather monitoring programs and Weather Watcher is what enables several features in a simple and practical way.