Weather Watcher hangs on updatting

Good Morning,

I had downloaded and installed 5.2 Weather Watcher. It is inconsistent when I open the program as to whether it will update. After I do open it, when I try to refresh the data, it hangs at the screen saying downloading data… It only gets one third across intermittently. Autoupdate is not working at all.

Strangly enough, the wall paper is autoupdating updating.

I had the prior beta version (was the first one I had on my system and not sure of the number) and it worked flawlessly.

I have enabled autoupdate in the options menu and put a check mark on only download updates while connected.

I have Windows 98SE. I have DSL that I leave logged on.

I have confirmed that in Zone Alarm that both the ww.exe and dl.exe has unlimited access to the internet.

Any help much appreciated.


I too have been using weather watcher for a while now, and have updated it several times over the course of my usage… but now with 5.2 it won’t update… I get it to update once at startup, then I’m lucky to even get the downloading data screen. And when I do it stops at 1/3 of the way through. This is the only weather program I will use, but if I can’t update I’ll have to go back to weatherbug (ICK)

[V] Weather Watcher 5.2 makes me sad

Tell me again why I’m here?

The 5.2 upgrade works exactly the same as A. Lieberman mentioned above. I have deleted 5.2 and reinstalled it and it will only work correctly one time…the next time if stops refressing the information when it is 1/3 done…I tried to download the old program, I was using the Beta program with no problems, but that is no longer on the site…I loved the old program…why did I upgrade ???

Same with me, friends,

I started to work with this programme only on Friday. I downloaded 5.2 and it didn’t work properly. Opens and then hangs. Now This morning I had the information that a new versin was available and I was happy because I thought that this bug (?) would also be cured.

No way - installed and reinstalled, cleaned registry, etc.
Programme starts and then hangs. Also using Win98SE.


It’s definetely a bug …

Found an old Beta (no. 9) on the net. Unfortunately not with the wallpaper function and some bugs as well, - but …

it’s working!

So it is not the system it’s the version.

Looking forward to a fixed V5.2!

Thanks in advance!

PS.: Has someone the LATEST WORKING VERSION or even BETA which he can mail to me???

Thanks in advane.


New version 5.2c does NOT work for me either. I deleted all Weather Watcher items from computer and started out fresh, but it gets the current conditions after downloading but will not updates after that. I am using Windows ME.....

Good Evening all,

I wish I could report that 5.2C fixed my original problem posted in this thread, but it has not.

To ensure it was not my system, I did the following steps before reinstalling 5.2C.

I uninstalled 5.2
I cleared out the registry entries
I rebooted my computer
I closed Zone Alarm
I reinstalled 5.2C

Still no joy! When I reinstalled, the update hung on the first third downloading the data as described in my original post. I closed the program, and re-opened it, and no update whatsoever. I closed it and opened it a 3rd time, and it finally connected and updated. I set the autoupdate for 5 minutes, and the wallpaper updated. The weather data did not update. I clicked on the refresh button within the program and it did not respond at all. Clicking on the button brings out no response.

After doing this, I rebooted the computer with Zone Alarm loading, I removed the program from the identified programs within Zone Alarm, and the program reached out to the net when opening, Zone Alarm prompted me for internet access, and I let both dl.exe and ww.exe full access to the internet. Still, hung on the first third of downloading. Closed the program and on the second try, was able to retrieve updates. Very erratic, and I can’t determine why sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. The refresh button does not work at all even after a successful download on initial opening of the program.

In spite of all the problems described above, the wallpaper still updates consistently

Hope this helps on diagnosing the problems with 5.2.



After playing around with the programs that were running in memory, I found that if I kill the dl.exe processes through a freeeware memory manager program I am using on my system, that I am able to manually refresh the weather data using the refresh button on version 5.2c. The program also opens and updates without any problems after killing the dl.cxe process OR a systems reboot. When I manually try to update a 2nd time, it will not update, and I get the “1/3rd symptom” problem.

So… it appears to me, that the dl.exe file may part of the autoupdate problems (at least on my system)???

Without squashing the dl.exe process, the 5.2c does not update either manually or automatically. Should dl.exe remain in memory? (It doesn’t show up in task manager). Wallpaper seems to update on a regular basis.

Any thoughts?


At this point, I don’t know if the problem is Weather Watcher or the data. I did notice that was changing a lot of things on their web site today… they might of made other changes too. I’m going to keep an eye on this and see if things improve tomorrow.