Weather Watcher and IE settings

I was running 5.6b4 which had fixed the issue of IE having “do not save encrypted pages to disk” enabled, and tried b5-b8, all of them do not work unless i allow IE to save encrypted pages to disk. is this something that can be fixed (yet again), or perhaps maybe add a feature into the installer to ask which setting you’re going to use? As little as I use IE, I’d still rather not have it set to save encrypted pages. Thanks

spock1104, for now, you’re going to have to uncheck that IE setting. I am experimenting with some other download methods. I have another one that works well, but it does not work with Windows 98 :frowning:

what about having the installer detect which os you’re on and use the new one on 2k/xp and the old one on 9x?

lucky for me i backed up the old files before upgrading. using the beta 4 dl.exe still works, so i’m all set for now. figured i’d make those suggestions though.

I’ll have to go back and test the beta 4 dl.exe. The funny thing is that I don’t think I changed the dl.exe since the beta 4 was released.

I would give you the version numbers of the dl.exe files but it doesn’t look like you gave them versions for differentiation. there’s another suggestion for the future [:p] what i can tell you is the beta 4 version of dl.exe is 28,672 bytes and the one you are now using is 24,576 bytes.

i’ll run some of my own testing on that dl.exe with windows 98se and report back when i have some free time

spock1104, well, I did find one difference. The Beta 4 DL.EXE toggles the IE encrypted setting while downloading the weather data.