I’ve been using Weather Watcher for many years now - almost this entire decade and have found it the best piece of software for providing good, up-to-date reports for the weather. In fact it with the combo use of the excellent near real time local online radar from Weather Underground ( has turned me into the weatherman in the offices where I work.

However I haven’t used Internet Explorer for going toward four years now. When I downloaded and installed Firefox and saw its multi-functionality and ease of making it work the way I want it to I decided never to use I.E ever again - unless a key website I need won’t allow any other browser but I.E.

However, I’ll keep using WW no matter what browser it works through. But I wonder, Mike, if you might be open to to programming WW so it can work with more than just I.E.? I’d really like to wean myself totally off of I.E. as completely as possible. If WW could be programmed to work through FireFox that would an important step for me.

Thanks for your consideration of my request.

Mike Drabik

MDrabik, I’m only using IE because the web browser control is the best thing out there right now. I don’t know of any other controls that offer anything close to the IE control. An even bigger plus is that every Windows PC has IE installed, so it just makes sense to use IE.

I know the feeling, i don’t like or use IE either. Maybe where it uses the default browser a person has on his pc mite be a easy way to code the function.

PS. MD, if you want to get away from windows all together try React OS, it’s open source and is being built on full windows apps/games support. Anything that runs on XP should run on React OS.

More info here if you want to look into it.