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Weather Watcher Alerts... Nagging

Is there a way to keep Weather Watcher Alerts from harassing me over and over about the same alert, without reducing the checking interval drastically?

Today in my area there’s a heat advisory, and I appreciate getting this alert, but I don’t need to see a balloon tip for the same alert every 5 minutes.

Can you confirm if the alert text was changed at all? Sometimes alerts are updated at the source. When that happens, Weather Watcher Live will think it’s a new alert.

I just tried all of the Concord, NC weather stations – both WeatherBug and Weather Underground. The WeatherBug stations only displayed the alert tooltip message once, even after updating multiple times. The Weather Underground station never displayed an alert tooltip message (fix coming).

When weather alerts are downloaded from WeatherBug stations, each alert has a unique id. I use that id to determine if the alert is new and/or has been updated. I believe that id is changed each time the alert is updated. That would explain the behavior if you’re using a WeatherBug weather station.

Weather Underground? Just to be sure we’re on the same page, I’m talking about Weather Watcher Live Alerts 1.0.2, not WWL.

I have WWL Alerts set to check every 5 minutes. I was getting a balloon tip every 5 minutes so I assumed it wasn’t a changed or new alert… I mean I know they change alerts sometimes but not every five minutes for several hours on end.

Next time this happens, I will try seeing if the text of the alert changes. I’m not sure that will be an easy task.

I was using the “Concord Regional Airport” station.

Thanks for checking.

Ah… got you now. I was thinking we were talking about Weather Watcher Live alerts. The alerts should work the same way in that application. I haven’t done anything with that application for a long time, so it’s possible that it has some bugs and/or developed some bugs over time.

That’s OK… To be honest I probably won’t continue using WWL Alerts 1.0.2 (capital “A”!) much longer. My system is limping along and I have not been able to run all the stuff I normally do, so I wanted something really small to run all the time, no matter what, to give me these important alerts.

Well if nothing else I helped you find an actual bug in WWL :icon_smile:.


That you did… thanks! :icon_smile: