Weather Watcher 5.6 Beta 7

Installed v 5.6 Beta 7 yesterday and it worked like a charm.

Today, however, my sys tray reading is showing the “feels like” temp instead of the actual temperature. (Actual temp 6c and Feels like temp 3c).

If I hover over the temp to get the ‘Tray Tooltip’ balloon, the actual temp (+6c) shows correctly, as well as the feels like temp (+3c). (I’m in BC).

I unchecked the little box on the ‘Tray Tooltip’ tab where it says to show ‘feels like’ temp - just to see if it would make a dif, but it doesn’t change anything with the sys tray - its still showing +3c when it should be +6c.

(I re-checked that box because I LIKE seeing the ‘feels like’ temp on the Tray Tooltip balloon).

Manually refreshing the weather info does not change the inaccurate sys tray reading.

I guess it could be coincidence that the inaccurate temp showing just happens to BE the ‘feels like’ temp.[:)]

So - I’m stumped. Anyone have any ideas how I can get the accurate temp to show?