Weather Watcher 5.1B - New Version

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the new and improved Weather Watcher. [:D]

Where do we get Skins </font id=“blue”>[:p]

Chris Meyer
Tel: (+2581) 73 5121
Fax: (+2581) 73 5116
Cell: (+258) 82 316476
…who is he that even the wind and waves obey him…

I’m going post instructions on how to create your own skins (I’ll post them on my home page). I’ll post any skins that are e-mailed to me.

This has to be one of the greatest upgrades for this program, since I have started using it, keep up the good work Mike!!! And thank you.

Also for the skin options did you check into trying to get a site like wincustomize or artuproar to host some skins, maybe pull more users into using this (godly) program, and also maybe some of the top designers of those sites can give us some nice nice skins??? I think a GT2 style WW would be sweet…