Weather Underground

Any plans or progress on adding Weather Underground to the firefox extension? I sorely miss local weather and this weatherbug thing doesn’t even come close to where I live.

Thank you!

I have no plans to do that. I didn’t ask them about it, but I’m thinking they won’t be for the idea since they charge for the use of their data.

Wow, that surprises me! I looked all over their page and their wiki and all I could find was the data was free. Check out this URL “”. It describes how to use the API’s and the XML’s to get all of the data from them. I did it several times and saw no mention of a fee. Maybe they charge programs?


You’ll find the following a few sentences into that agreement:

As with all data that you access from the Site, the data that you pull from Wunderground Data Feed may only be used by you for personal, non-commercial purposes.

You are correct. There is no fee for personal use of their data. I’m sure you can understand why they must charge for use of their data when one wants to give away their data to hundreds of thousands of people.

Dang! Although…Technically…I am using the data for personal purposes. I’m just using your software to gather and display the data for my personal use, right? :wink:

Oh well, it’s a shame, but I understand your position. I just love your software and have been using it for as long as I can remember, but now I live in the sticks with nothing close except WU which has a PWS that is less than 1/2 mile from me.

Thanks though!

Well, kind of :icon_smile: I would be commercially offering it to you though. That means I’d have to pay WU a fee for use of that data.

I will have a WU version of Weather Watcher out in the first quarter of next year. It won’t be free, but it’ll be reasonably priced.

That’s great news! I’ll be watching and will download it immediately!