Weather UnderGround Down?

For zip code 25177 in WV, all Weather UnderGround stations are not updating as of 24-July-2022. The stations show up, they just do not update.

I just tried this one and it’s up to date:

Try any of the weather underground stations for 25177, Saint Albans, WV. The temp right now is 84° F in St. Albans.

The station I linked above is the first station in your list.

That station is in RiverLake, WV, not St. Albans. Please understand that the Saint Albans weatherunderground stations were working okay yesterday 23-July-2022

Look at the Temperature on the RiverLake station. That is yesterday’s temp. It is only 83-84° right now in this area.

I cannot confirm if that current temperature is accurate. It is the temperature that weather station is reporting to Weather Underground though.

Here’s one of the St. Albans stations:

I yield :wink: Maybe things will sort out tomorrow…