Weather just showing -18

On daily weather it just shows - 18 as the temp for every day, it shows the picture and the condition and precipitation a d a few others. Low temps is N/A and High it shows.

Is this a problem with the feed because I have tried it with Birmingham Airport and Coventry and they are the same.

There could have been a glitch in WeatherBug’s data feed. The daily forecast is appearing as expected for me. How does everything look for you now?

Still the same im afraid, also happening to Birmingham aswell.

This is just now.

thebullet, the following Weather Watcher Live build should resolve this issue:

Thanks Mike, Installed Build 6.0.17 and Coventry is unavailable, so it has gone straight to Birmingham which is the nearest active station but still is showing -18.

thebullet, I just tried both locations and I am seeing the data as expected.

Did you try pressing the UPDATE button to ensure the weather data was actually downloaded again? If that doesn’t help, then please post a screenshot of the “Conversion” section of your Weather Watcher Live Options window.

Coventry is back and working fine… But still no for Birmingham, I shall get you a screenshot when I can.


Here’s what I see right now:

Birmingham has kicked back in, Well done Mike and thank you. =D>