Weather Icons

I’m using WW Smartphone version.

When I update the weather today, I have no weather icons. I just get that standard windows type picture placeholder.

I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still the same thing is happening.

Any ideas?

So is it just me with this problem? I re-installed again, but still not working.

The Weather Watcher Mobile Pocket PC version is still working on my phone – the Smartphone version uses the same code.

Did you try looking through the .HTML files in the “Skins” folder inside of your Weather Watcher Mobile program directory? That would at least tell you where Weather Watcher Mobile is looking for those images.

The html files are there and so are the .gif icons that they point to, yet if I open up one of the html files in my browser, it doesn’t display the icon there either.

More problematic (and probably the cause) is that Weather Watcher doesn’t appear to be updating at all.

I click update and it looks like it updates, but the last update date/time at the bottom doesn’t change.

I even uninstalled and deleted the weather watcher folder.

Anything I can do to clean it out totally (from the registry too) and try this over again?

I just deleted the weather watcher folder again and it does update, but I’m still getting the icon placeholders instead of the real icons.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I also just tried installing it to the device instead of the storage card and same thing.

Do you want to see my weather watcher directory or anything?

I’m stumped here.

Two ideas:

  1. Check to see if the HTML links are pointing to the GIF files within the HTML. The links seem to be broken.

  2. Think about what has been changed on your device since Weather Watcher was last working. I didn’t release a new version recently, so it’s fairly safe to assume that nothing changed with Weather Watcher itself. Perhaps there is an issue with IE on your device.

Figured it out. I turned off display images in IE.

I didn’t realize your program used IE to render the weather report.

Maybe that should be noted somewhere?


For sure – I really need to get on writing a manual :neutral: