Weather History

I have just started using Weather Watcher after a Google hit a few days ago. I have reviewed past posts and noted this forum topic has been mentioned before but wondered what the current thinking was?

The previous suggestions involved utilising mappings to URLs on and other similar sites. I was hoping the solution may be that Weather Watcher itself might write the current weather parameters periodically to a log file (csv?), maybe during refresh cycles. This would allow users to then analyse the data for past trends etc. I believe that this would give users a sense of owning a personal weather station with historical data to play with and maybe even attempt some amatuer forecasting.

Cheers, Andrew

adumbleton my friend this may be your lucky day. Open the Weather Watcher Options menu, click on the Log tab and click on the Enable Logger and you can have history galore. [8D]

Now, if you, or someone, would write a little program that would read the log and produce a graph or two… [;)]

And if WW would write a heading rcd to the top of the log… [:p]

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That option is only available if you are using the beta though.

And if WW would write a heading rcd to the top of the log...
A heading would work, but it would be tough to come up with a heading that worked with all data formats... or tough to create an option that allowed for dynamic headers.

I’m was thinking of just a heading for csv format. Basically the name of each element selected. The log can then be imported into an Excel spread sheet and manipulated there.

The csv heading could be an option. Those that want it can select it and those that don’t can not select it as the case may be.

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Well, okay then. Beta downloaded … testing underway!

Andrew [:D]

I’m probably missing something here but the action of WW writing to the log file seems to be whenever it feels like it and sometimes not at all [:(]. The HTML export file (which I have also enabled) is updated on every refresh as I expected.

What is the trigger for the log write and is it configurable?


!!! It use to update with each refresh. I’ll turn it on an see what I get.

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[i]Originally posted by adumbleton[/i]
What is the trigger for the log write and is it configurable?
Weather Watcher should be appending to the log whenever new data has been downloaded. If the data hasn't changed, it will not be logged.

That does appear to be the case.

But I think it’s the wrong approach. In that the log’s time value will always change the log should record each refresh so that the log shows whether the data has changed or not. Without displaying the data one has to assume the data hasn’t changed rather than knowing it. HD space isn’t that much of a problem on most machines, there’s no reason to not keep a complete log.

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Yep, and this is just version 1.0 of the logging feature. It’ll just have to be tweaked [:)]

Yep, I agree with Ed. It will also make any subsequent charting of the data points more agreeable to the eye (and axis values).

Cheers both,