v weatherbug in the UK.

I find weather. com a lot more accurate than weatherbug here in the UK, would it be possible to have a choice of provider? The same in the FF extension. I’ve been running WW and WWL side by side for a while now, and the difference is quite noticeable.

I appreciate this could be a large undertaking, if not impossible, just a thought.

It would be hard to use different data sources in the same application. Due to the differences in the data, the features will have to be programmed differently. For example, the WWL search uses a Google map to display the location of the weather stations. WW does not do this because does not reveal the locations in the data that is returned when you search for cities.

I would like to create a separate WWL build that uses’s data. It, of course, will not be “live”, but it will have the look and feel of WWL. I’m working with now and trying to establish an agreement that’ll allow me to use their weather data with less restrictions.

Mike…I can see your problem, an example is, as I am writing this, WWL for Tuesday is ‘Mostly Cloudy temp 18c’ WW gives ‘Partly cloudy temp 21c’.
I appreciate this is not your fault, it’s the data presented by the providers, I also appreciate your efforts, thanks.

I used to be a pilot, so have always been interested in weather, nowadays I don’t really need ‘spot on’ forecasting, I can get that from TAF’s and METAR’s, just day-to-day general forecasting, which having tried several software, yours is by far the best, keep up the good work.