>> Page Cannot Be Displayed

For the last 48 hours clicking the WW tray icon gets "page cannot be displayed to this URL:
If I manually remove the “w3”, all works fine again. But it looks like WW is using this “w3” URL internally - how can I fix/change this … thank you.

When I just added Bella Vista to my WW list of cities the forecasts come up ok. The View this forecast at link at the bottom of the WW window doesn’t though. It uses the W3 URL that you gave and is indeed invalid. WW itself most likely uses a URL of … d=3&hbhf=8 to get your weather data and it works fine.

It sounds like something on your system is broken. Clicking the WW tray icon shouldn’t be trying to access that W3 URL. The URL should be to the folder on your hard drive where Weather Watcher is installed. What changes have you made to you system in the past 48 hrs?

There have been no system changes. In fact I just completely uninstalled WW, cleared out the registry, and re-booted. Then re-installed and get the same thing … “…” … something in the program is calling that URL.

I don’t know what to tell you then. WW 5.6.22 hasn’t changed and I can access the’s data for the city you gave via WW just fine.

When you RIGHT click the WW tray icon and click on Open Weather Watcher what happens?

When you RIGHT click the WW tray icon and click on Retrieve Weather what happens?

When you RIGHT click the WW tray icon and click on Check For New Version what happens?

I’m assuming you’re running Windows XP and WW 5.6.22.

R-Click WW, Open WW (no problem), BUT, if I click on the link "View this forcast on, I go to the “www.w3” URL and fail.

R-Click WW, Check for new version (no problem, no new version)

R-Click WW, Retrieve Weather (no problem, gets weather update)

Only issue is the “www.w3” URL … where is is generated? I certainly didn’t initiate/create it after 2 years of WW use. Thanks. Any ideas?

R-Click WW, Options>Tray icon tab>Left-Single-Click Action: option sounds like it’s set for Visit the Weather Channel. Change it to Open Weather Watcher.

That help?

The W3 code is a part of the Forecast skin’s wtp files: <A HREF="[ CODE ]" TARGET="CurrentWx"> and for whatever reason the domain is down or has changed. If it’s down then you/we will have to wait for it to come back up. If it’s changed, and based on your duration it soons most likely then we will have to wait for Mike to put out an update to WW.

BTW I have the same problem with the View links at the bottom of my forecasts also. My money is on changed the name. And it’s probably tied to their new Interactive Weather Map feature that they are testing.

I submitted a “bug report”. Mike Singer wrote back and told me: “That used to be a valid link – it looks like changed some things on their end. I’ll make the necessary change in Weather Watcher before pushing out the next release.”
Thanks for taking the time to help and answer my questions … Jim

The following unreleased version of Weather Watcher contains a fix for this issue: