incorrect time information?

It seems that is showing "Observed’ times for WeatherWatcher that do not take into consideration the fact that Daylight Savings Time has ended for this year. Since Sunday it has been showing “Observed” times that are later than the “downloaded” times. Is anyone else having this problem? (Using Weather Watcher 5.6.37)and located on Canadian west coast. Computer clock time is correct and in correct format.

I’m not seeing that where I live. I suspect it’s a local server problem.

I usually don’t pay much attention to the Observed times. If the downloaded time is reasonably current I don’t care about the O time. And if I want to be sure I have the most current data I do an update, regardless of the O time.

west9320, yes, it looks like has the same problem on their website. The problem will hopefully be resolved if someone contacts to let them know there is an issue with the time on their website.

Thanks Mike, I have contacted by email both yesterday and today but so far no response. If they choose not to reply, we may just have to get used to it until next year when Daylight Savings time is back.

I’m considering adding settings to modify the observed and sunrise/sunset times by setting an offset time in minutes. That feature would allow you to roll back (or forward) the time by 60 (or X) minutes. The times seem to be an issue a lot a different times in the year, so this could at least be used as a workaround.

Hi Mike,I have received (last night) a reply from with a "Incident Number [Ticket#2008110410000681] advising that they have, at least, received my message and will “look into it”. However, I note no change as of this morning. I’ll advise further if anything more happens. The ability to offset the times as you have suggested would certainly be a help, if fact may be the best solution. I hope that you can find the time to work on this additional setting.

Here’s what I had in mind for the offset settings:

1) Sunrise Offset
2) Sunset Offset
3) Observed Offset

All offsets can be adjusted my minutes (plus or minus).

Does anyone have any other ideas?

I can see an Offset to the Sun times being useful to accommodate the various locations where people live.

But if you have an Offset for the Observed Time you should also add one for the Download Time. :-k

How about Offsets for the temp forecasts also? And maybe all the forecast’s data items. :cyclopsani:

BTW I suspect the original problem is due to not applying the Windows’ Daylight Savings patch(s) to some of their servers. And if WW sets an Observed Time Offset the time will be wrong once fixes their problem.

The Download Time is your computer’s time. If that’s wrong, then you should fix it in Windows.

That might be overkill. I don’t recall ever seeing and/or hearing from anyone regarding incorrect times in those areas.

The same logic could be applied to’s data. If it’s wrong, they should fix it. Hourly time differences when the daylight saving time switches occur are common, and temporary.

But if you’re going to allow WW to adjust’s values you should allow it to adjust Windows’ values also.

Not times, data values. If the weather data indicates tomorrow’s high is going to be 80 and I live on the ocean my temp may be 5 degrees cooler so I might want to Offset it’s value to my needs/desires. :lol:

Basically I was just being facetious. :razz:

But not about the Observed time offset. If indicates that they observed weather conditions at 6:15 allowing WW to show the observed time as 6:10 or 6:20 is ludicrous, imo.

Agreed. That’s a battle I’m not able to fight on my own. The squeaky wheel gets the oil… if more people report the issue, they will i[/i] fix it more quickly.

Sure, anything is possible. Do you think Windows 7 will have settings to adjust Weather Watcher settings? I doubt it.

Agreed. Then again, Windows gives me the power to make a lot of ludicrous changes on my computer. I could change my language to Chinese, set my time zone to PST…

Those changes may be ludicrous for you but they aren’t for people whose tongue is Chinese or who live on the west coast so having them as options is reasonable. Changing’s Observed time is akind to changing the view of a website’s date last updated or number of views. That would be wrong no matter what your native tongue or where you live.

If you do make an Offset option for Observed Time it should be in HOURS, not minutes, to accommodate the occasional Daylight Saving Time change errors.

And for those who think it’s trivial to add or substract a few minutes from a time it’s not when the time is associated with a date. Changing 12:10am to 12:05am is easy but not when the change is 12:10am to 11:55pm. Day of month has to be taken into account, and even year, when going from a time of 12:10am January 1st 2009 to 11:55pm December 31, 2008 for example. And should that 11:55pm be shown as such or as 23:55?

Those concerns don’t happen with Sunrise/Sunset times.

EdP, thanks for the ideas. Keep in mind that a change like this would be an optional setting. If you don’t want to use it, then don’t use it. If someone wants to abuse it, then so be it.

:-k curious, out of the millions of people running WW how many requests have you gotten to make the official’s Observed Time a variable time?

If you’re going to spend time on it anyways add my changes to the list; include an option to have the Observed Time equal the pc’s clock time and/or equal to the WW Download Time. :razz:

BTW I don’t see the Observed Time changes you’re going to impliment being requested on your Feedback site. :-k


EdP, thanks, but I think we’ve talked about this enough now. There’s really no need to keep going overboard with this…