Weather Bug

Weather Watcher live redirects for maps and alerts to

It seems that it is the infamous lame site known for years of it’s notorious spying practices and massive ad distribution.

I would love to know what it is going to be my exposure for spying cookies, beacons, ActiveX controls, etc from having WWLive on my computer. Years ago I’ve started with Weatherbug only to find out fairly quickly that my e-mail address was no longer a secret, my internet connection and my desktop was screwed up with obtrusive ads (it was dial-up time). When I wanted to see weather, I had to see first that Gooex is delicious and tampons from High Tight Company supposed to keep Suzie dry.

Am I going to experience same again?


As you switch to different weather stations in Weather Watcher Live, the maps at the top of the map list will automatically switch to point to the maps for your selected weather station. Yes, these maps do link back to

If you’d rather not use the WeatherBug maps, then select additional maps[/url][/b] to display or [b][url=]add your own maps.

Perhaps you are referring to reviews of WeatherBug’s software from many years ago? Sure, there is a lot of hype on the Internet about WeatherBug’s software from back then. Today, their software passes through all well-known spyware detectors. Yes, they still do have ads in their software – as do most of the weather companies that have their own weather software.

As for the ads on WeatherBug’s website, do you expect them to work for free? Most free things do include advertising. Radio… TV… you name it. I think the important thing to take away is the method of advertising that is being used. I don’t see anything wrong with the way WeatherBug advertises on their website today.

I’ve been using WeatherBug’s website for a little over a year now and I’ve never ran into these things. McAfee Site Advisor and the reviewers on their website don’t seem to think anything is wrong with their website either. I did see that some people posted negative reviews about their software, but that really has nothing to do with Singer’s Creations or my relationship with WeatherBug.

Just to be clear, are you talking about or WeatherBug the software? I’m just using WeatherBug’s weather data, so any dealings you’ve had with their software in the past is really not relevant to Weather Watcher Live.

If you install Weather Watcher Live and view WeatherBug’s website? No.

Thank you for quick response.
G-d forbid, no, I don’t expect anybody to work for free and I’m ready to take some neatly laid out ads in return for good service, but if the ads obscure my desktop and active window in question, that’s different story. I wish simply to be informed and have my own choice.

And, yes, I was writing about Weather Bug software.

Thank you again, your answer was both exhaustive and satifactory.

Agreed. That’s why I chose to keep ads out of the Weather Watcher Live interface. I don’t like ads in interfaces either, so don’t expect to ever see them in my software.

The ads on the WeatherBug website seem pretty tame to me. I don’t recall ever seeing any popup ads or anything that is really intrusive. I cannot speak for the WeatherBug of the past, but their current business practices are okay in my book.

You’re right, Mike - the website ads are not bad - it was the ones they included in their desktop software (which in the beginning was not ad-ridden) that drove everyone bananas.

:icon_smile: When I first downloaded weather watcher live, I thought "Oh no, weatherbug…??? " and had concerns. Weatherbug’s free software, at least from years ago did report as adware and spyware in the spy removal programs. I downloaded it once and didn’t like it, it was a bit difficult to remove as well. I don’t know how the software is now.

Weather Watcher, however, is not the same thing - as Mike said. It does does not have any spyware or adware problem. It’s not invasive, only installs what you see. :icon_smile:

Mike I hate to say this but as a long term user of your Weather Watcher I hated to see you going in with Weather Bug, :sad: as the term bug implies it is notorious for bugs, Spyware etc!! As soon as I downloaded the Beta I took it right off because of the notoriety of Weather Bug for its bad rep!! I hope you will keep your own program, as it is the best there is! :cool: :lol: :cool:

wiseman57, so, why exactly do you hate WeatherBug? It sounds like you don’t like their software and/or their software’s reputation. I’m only using their weather data, so I’m not sure how that applies to me.

I’m the kind of person that likes to try things out for myself. As you probably know, there is a bunch of false information on the Internet. If I believed everything I read on the Internet, I might not ever leave my house :icon_smile:

I don’t care for the interface nor adds blasting out when I can’t control them and when I first tried using weather bug some time ago it would not cover Canadian cities and took a long time for them to add them, so it was no good to me anyway at that time, but I had also some problems uninstalling it as well, had to do a bit of registry cleaning!! I am too old to believe everything I read and hear so these are mainly my own opinions based on my experience!! :cool: :lol: I’ll stick with your original interface and versions as I like them a lot better! :thumbright: =D>

wiseman57, thank you for the clarification.

FYI – just so nobody else reading along gets off on the wrong track – Weather Watcher Live is 100% my own code. It does not contain any part of WeatherBug’s software.

Mike I guess it’s hard to teach an old dog like me new tricks :lol: and my age you become somewhat a creature of habit, you developed a great piece of software and as long as you have it available die hard fans like me will be there using it! Thanks for everything!! :cool: :cool: