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It looks like you are all nicer over at this forum from reading the post… The last few forums that I have read and posted some stuff at, they came unglued at me and pulled the post… LMFAO at them … I guess they couldn’t handle constructive criticism about the programs they where selling. Anyway to make you feel better I don’t have any complaints on this one so far … it is very lite on resources… One big + plus for us win98SE users…

I just need to know how the weather alert thing works… I’m confused on how to get to the alert bulletin!.. I have an old version of weather bug running on my second computer…It is a version before weather bug got infested with adware and spyware…

I heard the alert go on the weatherbug and the sound on the weather watcher went off (I put a sound file in the options on weather watcher) But I couldn’t figure out how to get to the bulletin… It was just a heat index warning… We are getting those every day…

Ok I’ll add this while I’m here what is covered when you recieve a alert… flooding hail tornado snow? mother nature in general?[?]…

nuclear fallout[:p]

Thanks Mac!

I found a copy of the Emergency Broadcast System tone that works great for WW Alerts:



[:D] Good find PatrickB. A little long but certainly distinctive. [:D]


I have a shorter version of that sounds. I’ll pack it with one of the upcoming betas.

I was surprised that WW 5.5c plays that long wav for only about 1/2 a second, but I’m glad it does shorten it. [:)]

That problem should already be fixed in the beta.

Playing alarm signal on severe weather alert does not work on WW 5.6 Beta. Testing don’t play signal and no actual alert what so ever…

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