Wallpaper Update Problems

Help…Trying to address these 2 issues:
(a) Get WWLive, vs 7.0.77, Wallpaper to update to latest time shot, seems as 2hrs and 13 minutes is the best we can get for “current picture post.” I know the radar maps I’ve viewed usually have a delayed entry point, but then “fast forward” to within 15-30 minutes of real time. The screen shot was taken at 12:58 PM EDT, the radar map is 10:45 AM.
(b) My computer is Windows 7 x64, within the “options” file for wallpaper settings, etc the message area for setting up the ways to display map is sorta FUBARed in this area…any ideas as to how to re -install or correct. Perhaps the box chosen was incorrect, but think not.
Anyone who can steer me in the right direction many, many Thanks in advance, Ron.


Here are some thoughts:

1) If the dropdown at the top of the “Wallpaper” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window is set to “Never auto update”, then your wallpaper will need to be manually refreshed.

2) Did you view that map at AccuWeather.com to see if the same time showed there? If not, give that a try the next time the map seems to be out of sync. Right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose “Map Manger”. From there, you’ll find the URL underneath the map image.

I’ll fix this for the next Weather Watcher Live release. Windows 7 does not include the Windows Active Desktop feature, so you will not be able to select the second option. You can see that it’s disabled in your screenshot.

I’ve had the auto update drop down box set several ways, 1 minute, 2 mins., 5 mins. and for a short @ 15 mins., when the screen shot was taken it was and still is set for update every minute. Will recheck the time posted on the Accu Map. I believe, when I checked it Friday morning it was only 15 or so minutes different. Last night the wallpaper map last updated at 19:45 hrs EDT and stayed there until midnight, could’ve have lasted until 08:45 today when veiwed at 10:26 hrs, Tuesday, and it’s 11:06 and the same time still being shown, 09:15 and the Accu Weather map time posted is 10:32, all times EDT.

Thanks, Mike, and also other than the small wallpaper dilemma I’m very happy with WWL.