Wallpaper reverts to default after expiration of Severe Aler

My default wallpaper is “Bliss” supplied with Windows XP. When a severe weather alert is issued I have setup WW to change the wallpaper to the curent surface map for the East/Central region. During a severe weather alert, the wall paper is updated every 15 minutes. What I would like WW to do after the severe weather alert has expired is to change my wallpaper back to the default wallpaper, ie “Bliss”. My current workarround is to use Microsoft’s powertoy “wallpaper changer” to change the wallpaper to “Bliss” every 30 minutes, obviously not a perfect solution.
To recap, WW changes wallpaper from default to user selected WW wallpaper during severe weather alert and updates the WW wallpaper every 15 min during the sever weather alert. At the expiration of the severe weather alert, the WW wallpaper is replaced by the default Windows wallpaper.

I’ll add that to my list of things-to-do.