Wallpaper Not Updating


I just downloaded 6.0 and noticed that the wallpaper is not automatically updating. I have mine set to check for an update every 15 minutes. Just now at 10:30 am I noticed a 4 hour old map, so I manually updated and it was corrected.


Did you try verifying that your wallpaper auto update settings are setup properly in the Wallpaper tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window? You might also want to try a different map to see if there might have been a problem with that specific map.

It seems to be working now. I closed the program and restarted it and all was fine.

I have tried all suggestions with my wallpaper not updating. Still does not work. The wallpaper map is the one loaded when I installed the program. It never changes.

If I remember correctly (and I just installed 6.0.1 on a new laptop) there is no ‘default’ wallpaper - you have to enable it manually and set it.

Have you verified the settings to make sure it is set to update and verified that the map you’re using is current? What happens if you manually try to update the wallpaper (right click the WWL icon in your system tray and select “Update wallpaper”)