Wallpaper no longer shows

I think it started right after upgrading to v5.6.13, but the wallpaper no longer is shown on my desktop. I can view it by clicking View Map, it’s US Northeast Surface.

Any ideas how to find out what’s going on?

Did you check that you have an update rate set in the dropdown at the top of the Wallpaper tab of the Weather Watcher Options window?

Yes, it’s set to 30 minutes.

This feature used to work before I upgraded recently. I’ve been using WW for a year or two now.

Nice software, by the way :icon_smile:

Do you have anything else checked in the top section of the Wallpaper tab?

Did you try toggling the Wallpaper Format at the bottom of the options? If you have BMP/GIF/JPG selected, then try the second setting.

In top section I have Update wallpaper on WW startup and Pause 30 seconds before updating wallpaper checked.

I’m using BMP/GIF/JPG because I like to stay away from active desktop, but I’ll give the second option a try now.

Pretty odd behavior…

I changed to use the active desktop setting, clicked apply and the wallpaper appeared. But then changing the wallpaper choice and clicking apply doesn’t change the wallpaper. If I set it back to the BMP/GIF/JPG setting the wallpaper appears to still show but moving a window over it erases it like an eraser, showing the desktop.

So I go back and set it to active desktop and it shows the US Northeast Surface no matter what wallpaper I choose.

I’m inclined to uninstall WW, remove everything related (e.g. registry settings), and reinstall. But I wouldn’t want to blow away an opportunity for you to find the cause of a bug. Let me know what you’d prefer.

Another tidbit. The US Northeast Surface wallpaper it keeps showing is an old one, from before the problem started.

I haven’t heard of any other problems like this. That said, it’s more likely a problem with the settings on your computer than a bug. Try deleting the Weather Watcher registry key and setup your options again.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher

That registry key showed me that the wallpaper is always in Wallpaper.jpg and the date on that file was from a week ago. I also found a directory WallpaperArchive with over 1000 old wallpaper images in it! Finally I found that another user’s desktop had WW running and had Wallpaper.jpg “in use” so it couldn’t be deleted. Apparently WW was hung since it didn’t respond at all and I had to kill it through task manager.

After killing the errant WW, deleting Wallpaper.jpg, and all the files in WallpaperArchive WW works fine now.

It looks like the key cause was the wayward WW application… it must have had a hard time digesting something from weather.com :iconbiggrin:

(Further Note: the old file was Wallpaper.jpg but the new one is Wallpaper.bmp so perhaps the real cause is that weather.com changed the image format and WW had trouble with the transition?)

Thanks for your tips.